Daisy Lane Birthday

Most of you know I work full-time and paper crafting is my creative outlet and beloved hobby. While that has not changed I recently changed jobs which is changing my world dramatically. It was time for a new adventure and I have certainly achieved that goal. I went from a position I have been in for many years (19 years with the company) and was very comfortable to a new role with regular travel requirements. It is pushing me in new ways taking me out of my comfort zone.

Learning the role, many new people, and navigating the nuances of traveling regularly is limiting my creative time for now. 

The card I am sharing today was created for my “aunt” who turned 85. She really is not my aunt however she and her husband have been friends of my parents my whole life. I was in Phoenix visiting my dad a couple of weeks ago and was able to have dinner with her and her husband to celebrate this special birthday. She continues to be vibrant, fun, loving and someone I aspire to be as I age. You would never believe she is 85. 

The Daisies were created using Mango Melody card stock and Cajun Craze ink. The credit for this color combination came from Cindy Schuster of the Crafty Carrot Collective and as artistic designer for Stampin’ Up!. She is so talented!

The gold frame and gold sentiment were created using the Spellbinders Hot Glimmer system and dies. The system is easy to use and delivers such dramatic professional finishes.

I hope you have time to be creative today.



  1. Absolutely beautiful. i will have to check out the Spellbinders Hot Glimmer system & dies. Love the sentiment – very stunning. Thank You for sharing.

  2. Such a beautiful card, Michelle! The color of the daises is fabulous and I’m even more convinced to get on board with foiling. You are certainly making the most of your limited creative time!

  3. This is an incridible beautiful card. You are so talented. I will have to see what the Spellbinder Hot Glimmer system is.

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